My Yoga schedule


I hope you are doing well during this time of uncertainty. I sure did enjoy seeing everyone this Summer for outdoor Yoga. As cold weather sets in, I have no plans to teach indoor, in person classes.

I have mentioned before how much your positive feedback and support have meant to me since the start of this Pandemic. Thank you again for your generosity and your willingness to let me know all the ways in which you appreciate my work.

One thing folks for sure told me was how comforting my predictable and structured online class schedule was when this whole thing started. I feel that it is important to re-establish this as we head into times of shorter days and cold weather.

I have two values I am sticking to as I plan these online classes:

FIRST to continue to offer a variety of Free Trauma Informed Yoga classes with open access & as few barriers possible (best way to do this is FB Live)


it is also important to me to maintain my partnership with The Massage Center and Yoga Studio using their online Zoom platform. Zoom gives me a chance to directly interact with students, use props and offer Restorative options.

Here is my schedule (all of my classes are Trauma Informed):

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:15pm on FB live – this is a continuation of my Parks and Recreation class — Basic level, Mindfulness based Yoga

*How to use FB live– friend me on FB, then go my FB page at class time to watch me teach live, if you get there early you may need to keep refreshing. **you can also watch recordings of the class any time by going to my FB page, scroll down to see the most recent one AND you can watch class recordings going all the way back to March by going to my page, then click on photos and videos.

I offer these classes for FREE but I set up a Venmo +Zelle & PayPal so that I can offer you an option to pay **if /and as you can** for classes. Venmo: CindyReed-1love Zelle and Paypal:

TUESDAY 6:30pm

My Longstanding (since 2003) Tuesday night Yoga at The Massage Center class is on Zoom – this class features mindfulness with a balance of active and restorative Yoga poses–including the use of Yoga props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks. sign up/get the zoom link & support local business at

Sundays at 10am – I am among a rotating roster of Massage Center Yoga instructors leading a $5 Community Yoga class. Check out the line up for upcoming Sundays at

I would like to leave Saturdays open for pop up classes through the Winter, so be sure and follow me on Social Media if you don’t already so we can stay in touch.

Once again, your willingness to support my work during this time of uncertainty has been something I will remember for the rest of my life as evidence that people are good and we belong to each other.

xxoo ~ Cindy




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